Full and half-day itineraries on the waters of Lake Sibaya and Lake St Lucia are on offer to suit any adventurer.

Numerous options within the St Lucia area are offered by St Lucia Kayak Safaris. Their full day trip itinerary includes a kayak paddle, snorkelling at Cape Vidal and game drive on the Eastern Shores of Lake St Lucia. Also on offer is a half day kayak, or a sunset paddle on the Lake St Lucia estuary.

Lake Sibaya is the largest freshwater lake in South Africa and is completely landlocked – separated from the sea by a narrow ridge of forested dunes. The clear, blue lake with a bed of white sea sand is fed from rainwater, an underground stream and seepage. The 7,700ha lake has an average depth of 13m. Of the 18 species of fish that occur in the lake, 5 are believed to have marine origins. Canoeing trips can be arranged for residents of the Thonga Beach Lodge.