iSimangaliso’s soul journey

30 May 2016


Ride where few have gone before.

Go where the average man cannot. See what the general public will not. Experience what the ordinary person does not.

Where the sigh of the wind, the birds’ dawn chorus and the grunt of hippos provide the back track; the gently swaying grasslands, stark lake shore and rocky mountainscapes create the stage; and you, the main character in this epic celebration of life.

Where unmanicured single track paths, formed by eons of wild animals, create undulating curves and secret passageways through the tangled undergrowth.

Where the smell of the baking earth under the mild winter sun mingles with the scent of the elephant.

Engage every sense – even that most ethereal one of them all: intuition.

Feel the prickle of fear at an unexpected zebra bark or the flush of birds as you pass.

Experience gooseflesh when gazing on a vista so perfect and untarnished as to speak to your soul.

Awaken your subconscious to a time long gone, reminding you of a place you never knew but have been missing all of your life.


Appreciate the honour and privilege of riding through a spectacular African World Heritage Site, unfettered. Just you, your bike and the wide open forever.

This is living in the raw. This is the real deal. This is the iSimangaliso MTB 4 Day journey.

View the stunning footage above for a taste of what to expect – then join us for the ride of your life.

The iSimangaliso MTB 4 Day powered by Nashua takes place from 18-21 August 2016 and adheres to the highest levels of safety within a ‘Big 5’ game area. A portion of each rider’s entrance fee is donated to the iSimangaliso Rare and Endangered Species Fund, making a significant and tangible contribution to the conservation of these fauna and flora.

Visit for full details and to enter.
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Entries for the 2016 event close on 11 July.

Media enquiries should be directed to Bronwyn Coppola on 083 450 9111 or