Rhino Orphans – Their lives in our hands

7 Mar 2017

Young rhino orphans hold the destiny of their species within their DNA, and it is up to the people of South Africa to make sure that they are rescued, cared for and raised into reproductive adulthood. To support this project donate at https://www.givengain.com/cc/babyrhinos or contact Lise-Marie at rhino@ppf.org.za.

When it comes to rhino orphans, the nurturing cycle is broken and human intervention is essential to support rehabilitation. These young charges need constant medical attention, feeding, exercise, physical comfort and company – requiring staff to be on hand to provide around the clock care. The rehabilitation process can take up to as long as two years, but once the young rhino are able to fend for themselves, they are moved away from the bomas to secured rhino strongholds where their progress and integration into the wild is closely monitored and protected.

The Rhino Protection Programme (RPP) – a collaboration between Peace Parks Foundation, the Department of Environmental Affairs, South African National Parks, and Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife – is committed to supporting the efforts of Ezemvelo and Kruger National Park to care for and rehabilitate the numerous rhino orphans recovered from gruesome poaching scenes each year.