Turtle Tours
Sodwana Bay

Phinda Private Game Reserve

Our guest experience revolves around the ancient drama of the great wildlife spectacles of the world - a natural theatre to which people are drawn time and again. A perfect example is the Great Migration of East Africa, where millions of wildebeest and herbivores cross the mighty Serengeti in Tanzania and move into Kenya's Masai Mara.

By creating exceptional adventure destinations and safaris in the natural kingdoms of the world, and attracting passionate and experienced naturalists and environmentalists to host your journey, &Beyond offers our guests an experience that promises to reawaken the soul. Through this encounter we also aim to capture the imagination of our guests (who are often people with huge influence and resources, and future leaders). We promote a greater consciousness of the possibilities and responsibilities of managing the wildlife resources on our planet, demonstrating that they can be conserved on a sustainable basis if we all respect and value them.

We work hand in hand with a number of conservation bodies and the communities surrounding our lodges, who are vital stakeholders in the conservation story.

In many cases the land that surrounds our lodges belongs to national and private park owners. In those cases, we strive to remain integrally involved in decision-making at a high level, as well as in managing careful and sensitive interactions with the wildlife and habitat.