iSimangaliso Visitor Notice – Shark Advisory

18 Dec 2017

Dear Visitors

The iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority would like to remind visitors to its popular St Lucia beaches of the presence of sharks. Predominantly Zambezi (Bull) sharks  are common residents in our oceans and during the past week, they were again spotted off Jabula Beach. There are no shark nets throughout the iSimangaliso marine protected area and sharks are an important and protected predator in the marine system.

Beachgoers are advised that swimming is not recommended, not only due to the presence of these animals but also the strong and potentially dangerous sea currents. To assist visitors with beach safety,  a total of 38 beach monitors have been employed throughout iSimangaliso’s over 200km coastline during the busiest period of the holidays, with two lifeguards on station at each of Jabula, Main and Cape Vidal beaches. Beach monitors will be on the beaches eight hours a day and are identifiable with iSimangaliso T-shirts and Caps. Please adhere to warnings given by Beach Monitors who will use whistles to gain attention and advise bathers if there is a need to leave the water due to perceived threats.

iSimangaliso Interim CEO Anis Karodia says: “We urge all beach users to exercise caution and good judgment to ensure a happy and safe experience in our Park this holiday season. If there are any incidents to report please contact our emergency line 082 797 7944 with details.”