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Biodiversity Stewardship and Biodiversity Economy Newsletter Issue 1 (December 2023)

In this issue:

  • About the Biodiversity Economy Project
  • SANBI supports the biodiversity economy through a new project
  • A planning workshop for the Greater Addo-Amathole Node
  • A woman behind the Greater Addo-Amathole Biodiversity Economy Nodez
  • Tshivhula community shows how conservation initiatives improve rural livelihoods
  • Celebrating 20 years of biodiversity stewardship implementation: 3rd National Biodiversity Stewardship Conference
  • Fostering connections and collaborations among communities within the Greater Addo-Amathole Biodiversity Economy Node
  • SANBI embarks on documenting learning from the biodiversity economy nodes
  • Forging a sustainable future for communities through biodiversity economy